April 18, 2018

India's First Train ( Goods ) Ran in 1851 at Roorkee ( Uttarakhand )



The Solani aqueduct near Roorkee, apart from being an engineering marvel has the distinction of having first ever Steam Engine - in December 1851( before the Bombay line ) actively operating in India to ferry massive amounts of earth required for raising the level of the canal 's course.



Convert Old Upper Ganges Canal ( Haridwar to Roorkee ) in to a National Heritage ( Museum

Convert the abandoned old section of the Upper Ganga ( Ganges )Canal ( from Har-Ki - Pauri, Haridwar to Roorkee ) in to a sort of national heritage museum- thinkers of Jalandhar discussed animatedly.
Convert Old Upper Ganges Canal ( Haridwar to Roorkee ) in to a National Heritage ( Museum

This section ,originally constructed around 1850 by the East India Company , was at that time the biggest canal system ever undertaken. It was and still is an engineering marvel It has aqueducts , super passages , massive sluice gates , spillways etc. There are massive "lion statues " guarding the canal , near Roorkee.
But. presently , this old section of the beautiful canal is in dis use and a new canal course has been constructed parallel to the old canal. The old canal is in a very pitiable condition. It is neglected and open to vandalism.
It should , immediately , be declared a 'National Heritage " and suitably preserved. It can , also , be developed in to an attractive tourist designation.

Further , aqua riverine life like the great Indian Gharial , which once was abundant in the Ganga and which is now threatened can be introduced in some sections of this great canal.




( " GANGES " is the English adaption of the word GANGA JI " )


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Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Calcutta would have got the First Passenger Train service.
But the ship carrying the steam engine diverted to Australia.
Please read :-
But fate denied Calcutta the privilege of being the first city to have a railway in India. Locomotive and carriages for Bombay and Howrah were despatched from England almost at the same time. But the ship carrying the loco for East Indian Railway, HMS Goodwin, was misdirected to Australia. The other ship carrying carriages for Howrah sank at the Sandheads. ( source / credit / DNA ) http://www.dnaindia.com/blogs/post-the-complete-story-of-indian-railways-1822868