July 27, 2021

Vijay Mallya Declared Bankrupt by a British Court

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Some time back , I used to attend AGM s of Punjab Breweries , Ludhiana ( merged with United Breweries ).
There I used to inter act with top executives of UB Group ( though I never met Vijay Mallya ).
I recall two different aspects of Vijay Mallya 's personality

Unlocking Phenomenal Shareholder Value - Brilliance of Vijay Mallya

Punjab Breweries was merged with United Breweries , Foreign partners ( First 

Scottish & Newcastle ) were brought in. Phenomenal share holder value was unlocked. Similarly , in the case of McDowell and Co. We held shares in Carew and Co. ( merged with McDowell ) . The struggle with Chhabrias for control of Shah Wallace brought forth the fighter in Vijay Mallya.

The other aspect of his personality -impulsiveness

. Immediately on inheriting a vast fortune , at a very young age from his father Vittal Mallya, Vijay sold the iconic Kissan and Hebertsons ( Dipy's ) to Hindustan Lever. There was a legal spat as Vijay , simultaneously  ,entered in to an Agreement for sale of Kissan with Food  Specialties ( Nestle ) also. Hind Lever took out a Suit For Specific Performance This was totally avoidable as were present negative developments
Around 1985,in AGM of Punjab Breweries when I asked top UB brass , as to how they found Vijay Mallya. The reply was that Vijay was simply a genius of a businessman .It is , rightly , said Duniya Mein Sikandar Koi Nahin . Par Waqt Sikandar Hota hai.


November 22, 2016

Vijay Mallya and Sir Dorabji Tata - Comparison

Vijay Mallya had adequate resources to rescue Kingfisher .Vijay should follow the noble precedent set by Sir Dorabji Tata, when Sir Dorabji pledged his wife's Jewelery , to pay salaries to Tata Steel workers.

( Once during the Great recession of 1920 s Sir Dorabji Tata pledged family jewelery to pay on time salaries etc ) of Tata Steel ( then known as Tata Iron And Steel Company Limited ).

Please read this from Tata`s Official Site :-

Sir Dorab`s commitment to his father`s vision and values was so strong that he staked his personal fortune to save the steel venture when, in 1924, it slipped into trouble. His business sense and audacity had seen the company undertaking a five-fold expansion programme in the post-World War I period. Spiralling costs combined with transport and labour difficulties in the West upset Sir Dorab’s calculations. At about this time, the company’s largest pig iron customer, Japan, was struck by an earthquake and steel prices tumbled.
It got to a point when there was not enough money to pay his workers’ wages. Sir Dorab pledged his entire personal fortune worth, about Rs1 crore and including his wife’s personal jewellery, to obtain a loan. Tata Iron and Steel secured support from unexpected quarters — among those backing the company were Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the future leaders of independent India and Pakistan — and it survived the crisis.
 If employees have to starve , the Employer should starve first.
           Some KFA employees committed suicide.
My Memories :-

At the  Court convened meeting of shareholders for merger of Punjab Breweries with United Breweries I put forth a point that Post merger , Ludhiana factory be , always , referred as United Breweries ( Unit Punjab Breweries ,Ludhiana ) so that the word Punjab  always remains. I have never taken liquor. But when ever , around Punjab , I see a Bottle of Kingfisher Beer , I read  ( now with Specs ) on the label the words Unit Punjab Breweries.

July 28, 2021

Vijay Mallya , Singh Brothers Case Similar - Comments From an Investor / Reader

 Mallya story below. 

Can compare with Ranbaxy Singh Brothers. Both inherited fortune from father but lost confidence of investors and stakeholders due to wrong policies and thinking. 
Result is both are in court . Singh's never respected their Father promise to shareholders on Montari Industries Ltd after Sr singh death they went down sold his prized company Ranbaxy.
Moral is respect stakeholders and employees otherwise you can't survive. Be honest and treat ,run the companies as Trust not like person property.

The views are my own .
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