September 05, 2021

Bagrrys India Private Ltd - Formerly Bagrrys India -2020-2021 -Annual Report- EPS Rs. 279

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October 24, 2019

Bagrrys India Converts to Private Limited Company

New Post- 2019-20  Annual Report
Bagrrys India is an asset laden Company with fantastic prospects in processed foods.

For the financial year 2018-19 EPS =Rs.109 / 39p


Bagrrys India has only 41 shareholders ( including our 1 folio ).

Baggrys India has converted itself in to a Private Limited Company

ITEM NO. 8-AGM dt.30/09/2019 ( Explanatory Statement )

Bagrrys India Limited is an Unlisted Public Limited Company having 41 (Forty One) Equity Shareholders as on date and fulfills all the pre-requisite criteria for conversion into a Private Limited Company, in terms of the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013. Your Board opine that in order to minimize the compliances and to serve the Members in a better way, the Company should be converted into a Private Company, subject to the approval of Members and Central Government. One of the major advantages of conversion of Public Limited Company into Private Limited Company is that the compliances are reduced to an extent; also many privileges and exemptions have been granted to a Private Company, under the Companies Act, 2013. The Board has accorded its consent for the conversion of Company into a Private Company at its Meeting held on 21st August, 2019, subject to the approval of Members at the ensuing Annual General Meeting of the Company and the Central Government. The Board hereby informs you that the approval of Members by way of Special Resolution is required for conversion of Public Limited Company into Private Limited Company, in terms of the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013. The Members are requested to note that the conversion is subject to the approval granted by the Central Government (Regional Director), Ministry of Corporate Affairs and such other regulatory authorities, as may be required. None of the other Directors, Key Managerial Personnel of the Company along with their relatives are in any way interested, financially or otherwise in the said Resolution.


October 24, 2019

Bagrrys India-Annual Report-2018-19


June 20, 2017

Bagrry India - Balance Sheet ( Provisional ) on 31/12/2016

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September 12, 2017

Bagrry Shareholders -Retain Your Equity Shares - Write Now to the Company

Bagrry Share Holders 

It is strongly Recommended that You Retain Your Equity Shares.

So Write ( by Speed Post ) to the Company saying so

Last Day @9/09/2017 ( please Recheck )

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EQUITY AND LIABILITIES Shareholders’ funds Share Capital  32,263,000

 Reserves and Surplus  1,004,960,142 

Non-Current Liabilities Deferred Tax Liabilities (Net)  5,548,809 

Long-term provisions  4,602,736  

 Current Liabilities Short-term borrowings  97,736,199 

Trade Payables 6 Due to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises - Due to Others 36,051,765 Other current liabilities 7 17,248,731 Short-term provisions 8 28,249,028 Total 1,226,660,410 

ASSETS Non-current assets Fixed Assets Tangible Assets 79,765,718

 Capital Work in Progress --

- Non-current investments  960,414,176 


Long-term loans and advances  56,103,056 Other non-current assets 12 1,612,442 Current Assets Current Investments 13 2,751,997 Inventories 14 68,361,841 Trade Receivables 15 34,206,947 Cash and Bank balances 16 5,557,328 Short-term loans and advances 17 2,778,594 Other current assets 18 15,108,311 Total 1,226,660,410 For and on behalf of the Board Sd/- Sd/- Sushil Kumar Chetani Laxmi Narayan Sain Whole Time Director Whole Time Director DIN: 00217325 DIN: 00217237 Place: New Delhi Date: 7th January, 2017



This seems to be a Trial Balance - May be for 9 months. PLEASE RECHECK THIS. Please do not take any Investment Decision based on this.

Please study Pages 64 , 65 of PDF document ( Copy Paste the below given link )


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June 20, 2017

Baggry India Shareholders- Retain Your Equity Shares

Baggry India ( earlier named Ghaziabad Protein Food )is an Unlisted Company. It seems to be be doing very well..

Baggry India is holding Court (NCLT )  convened Meeting of Shareholders on 24/06/2017 at Baddi ( Himachal Pradesh ) for reorganization .

Most Important for shareholders is Resolution XI on Page 3

 xi.  Re-organisation of part Share Capital of Bagrrys India Ltd by cancelling the Equity Shares held by all non-promoter/outside shareholders and to issue 8% non-cumulative compulsorily redeemable Preference Shares of `10 each at a premium of `114 (one hundred fourteen) per share.

( Please copy paste the PDF link given below and Please Go Through the Entire Notice - Seems Investor Unfriendly and should be opposed in E Voting / Court Meeting )


It is strongly Recommended that Shareholders retain their Equity shares by writing ( by Registered Post / Speed Post ) to the Company in this regard under this provision

Page 10

 i v    It is clarified that an outside/non-promoter shareholder is entitled to retain his/her/its equity shareholding in the Transferee Company by giving a notice of such intention to the Transferee Company any time up to the record date to be fixed for such purpose. In all the cases where the Transferee Company receives intimation from the non-promoter Shareholders to retain their equity shareholding in the Transferee Company, equity shares with respect to all such shareholders will not be cancelled and will not be replaced with 8% non-cumulative compulsorily redeemable Preference Shares

( Please copy paste this )


 Other  Explanatory Statements

The following are some of the specific advantages of the proposed Re-organisation of Share Capital of the Transferee Company:

 i. The Transferee Company has some outside/non-promoter shareholders. Since the Transferee Company is an un-listed company, there is no mechanism/platform available to these Shareholders to sell/dispose-off these shares, if they so wish.

ii. In order to provide an exit opportunity to all the outside/non-promoter shareholders, it is proposed to re-organise the share capital of the Transferee Company, on voluntary basis, by cancelling the Equity Shares held by all the outside/non-promoter shareholders; and to issue 8% non-cumulative compulsorily redeemable Preference Shares of `10 each at a premium of `114 (one hundred fourteen) per share.

 iii. The proposed re-organisation will provide a permanent liquidity option for illiquid shares of the Company. It will help the non-promoter shareholders in realising the true potential of their investments in the Transferee Company which can be gainfully deployed elsewhere.


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Bagrrys seems to be doing very well. In Jalandhar's Metro Wholesale Store Bagrrys's products were stacked in large quantity and were selling.
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