January 14, 2022

NSE Academy -Master your Trading Strategies – 10 Premium Courses – 90% Price Slashed ( Early Bird Offer)

NSE Academy Call: @{Owner:AssociatedPhoneNumbers ,} About the Course: A set of courses carefully designed to help you become a SMART trader. The idea behind this course is to enable understanding of investments, and move on to market movements and trading strategies, so that you analyse financial instruments and trade in them effectively and efficiently. It covers a whole gamut of skills and knowledge required to move from analysis of investments, to investing to trading. The course starts with planning investments, managing portfolio and then moves to the more advanced analysis of investments. It also covers study of market movements through technical analysis. You will also learn options and various trading strategies for options which is a popular derivative traded on NSE. This course will help you become an informed investor and trader. Features: 10 Courses 10 Certificates (Lifelong Validity) Linkedin Sharable Certificates Total Duration: 44 Hours Chapter wise Self evaluations Access from Mobile and web Earn Additional Digital Badges Special access to NSmart Trading Simulator Course List: Faculty Recommendation: From understanding markets to trading derivatives! Recommending you these specially designed and expert curated bundle of courses for becoming SMART traders and INFORMED investors! Learn from the basics to advanced and start trading! With this knowledge, make your money work for you and also help others invest! Good luck on your journey! Click Here to Enroll Course Fees Rs. 4,999 (Exclusive of GST) | Total Fees: Rs. 5,899 Download Brochure Powered by For Further Assistance Call, Sapna 8097423874

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