March 27, 2023

Dalmia Bharat Refractories -Public Shareholders to Approach Hidenburg Research

 Hidenburg Research



March 27, 2023

Dalmia Bharat Refractotries Shareholders Demand Buyback Offer at Rs 427 per Share , Also BSE Listing -JPC Probe Demanded


Dalmia Bharat Refractories - Promoters Sell Stake to Another Group Company at Rs. 427 /share


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The remaining   Non Promoter shareholders should also get a Buy back offer / Exit Option at Rs. 427 per share. There has been a Change of Promoters


Further , there should be immediate BSE listing , as was promised by the Promoters at the time of merger of Dalmia Refractories and OCL Refractories.


Investors are shocked to see that Dalmia Bharat Refractories has been listed at Calcutta Stock Exchange , which has no share trading and Metropolitan Stock Exchange .


How come Metropolitan Stock Exchange was reporting, a few days back , share transactions of Dalmia Bharat Refractories at Rs. 150 / share ,where as Promoters are selling their shares at Rs.427 / share.


Investors are demanding a full enqiry .


Investors ,would approach Mr. Rahul Gandhi .to demand a JPC inquiry in the     Parliament ,into the working of Dalmia Bharat Refractories and Metropolitan Stock Exchange 


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March 27, 2023

Dalmia Bharat Refractories - Promoters Sell Stake to Another Group Company at Rs. 427 /share

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 Mr. Vijay, Jalandhar , m 7009409142

We are, further , very thankful to Mr. Vijay, for calculating for us the price , paid by the Promoters , Damia Bharat Cement,for one share of Dalmia Bharat Refractories . This is Rs 427 / share

For 42;4 % stake price paid - Rs 800 crore

Full value of Dalmia Bharat Refractories Rs 1887 Cr

Share capital of Dalmia Bharat Refractories Rs. 44 cr 20 Lakh

Per Share price paid - Rs 427

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 It appears that some shares of Dalmia Bharat Refractories are available for Sale / Purchase with Dealers of Rare Indian Shares.


 General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your WEALTH

Disclosure : The Blog writer in his / family names has  holdings in this Company So please make suitable " provisions " for any likely Over Optimism

NB :All information given in good faith. Please recheck every point before taking any investment decision. No responsibility with this Blog or Blog Writer.

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Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

What if any Dalmia Bharat Refractories shareholder gets Corona while attending , on 20/04/2023 ,the physical mode EGM ? . So , this EGM should be conducted in a Virtual mode / online.