March 29, 2023

SAN Engineering -2021-2022- Annual Report

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December 30, 2016

San Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd

San Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd was incorporated in 1969  as Suri And Nayar Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd.  by two railway engineers Suri and Nayar. 


The present Promoters took over the Company in mid 1980 .

Around 2005 , the share may have been quoting around Rs.80/ Share ( Please Recheck )
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In 2006 , there was a Buy back / Delisting exercise   from BSE 

Security Code : 505155    Company : SANENG

San Engineering - Public Announcement for proposed acquisition & delisting of equity shares
03 Apr 2006 14:41
Canara Bank ("Manager to the Offer"), on behalf of Sri. Subhash K Thakker HUF and M/s. Sonmit Investments Pvt Ltd ("Acquirers" / "PAC"), has issued this Public Announcement ("PA") in respect of the proposed acquisition and delisting of the fully paid-up equity shares of San Engineering & Locomotive Company Ltd ("Target Company") pursuant to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Delisting of Securities), Guidelines, 2003 (the "Delisting Guidelines" / "Guidelines") as below:

The Offer

The Acquirers hereby invites the public holders of the fully paid-up equity shares of the Target Company (being all holders other than the Acquirers) ("Shareholders"), to tender to the Acquirers, all of their equity shares in the Target Company, being 10,94,853 equity shares of Rs 10/- each as at March 24, 2006, representing 52.47% of the Equity Share Capital of the Target Company (the "Shares").

The Floor price is Rs 33/- per share as determined.

Schedules of Activities :

Public Announcement : March 29, 2006

Bid Opening Date : April 04, 2006.

Bid Closing Date : April 07, 2006.

Last Date for Shareholders of Physical Share Certificates to tender their Shares#: April 27, 2006.

Final Settlement Date (Shares in Physical Form)#: May 03, 2006.

#: subject to acceptance of the Discovered Price by the Acquirers.


In 2006 ,share capital was around Rs. 2 cr 10 Lakh ( share Rs. 10 paid up )

The Floor price for buy back  was Rs. 33 /-


Presently , SAN Engineering is doing very well

official site

Watch Video of SAN Engine on Darjeeling Railway Line.

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 It appears that some shares of SAN Engineering are available for Sale / Purchase with Dealers of Rare Indian Shares.

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