September 02, 2023

Maharaja Shree Umaid Mills- 2022-2023- Annual Report

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July 12, 2022

MaharajaShree Umaid Mills Shares in Demand

 It appears Dealers are sending letters to individual shareholders offering to buy their shares .


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April 26, 2017

Maharaja Shree Umaid-Rights Allotment-Very Few Additionals

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Maharaja Shree Umaid Mills ( which delisted in 2015 @ Rs.90 ) has made allotment in the Rights Issue.

Noteworthy feature is that very few additional shares ( over and above the entitlement ) have been allotted.

This means that Promoters , who already held nearly 92 % of the Equity may have further increased their percentage holding as they may have taken the Rights of Non applicants ( like dormant folios etc )   .

So , Maharaja Shree Umaid may be doing very well.

Apart from its Textile Unit (Pali - Rajasthan ) doing well, it appears that its massive Land Bank ( Kota - Rajasthan ) is , now , free of legal disputes and may be available for Real Estate development . 

The Plot measures 50 acres and in , in 2011, its worth was Rs. 500 crore.




July 22, 2014

Maharaja Shree Umaid is an asset laden Company belonging to the LN Bangur group with the intrinsic value many times over the current market price ( CMP ) of its share.

In 2011 Maharaja Shree Umaid got a whopping Rs.590 crore by selling its share holding in AP Paper

It seems that its Kota ( Rajasthan ) land bank 's legal hurdles  are over and Promoters are seeking delisting to avoid sharing  all benefits  .



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