September 25, 2023

Sandip Ginodia / Altiius - Share Dealer / Analyst 's Update on GKN Driveline , Ixigo, Signify - Message Received


Blog Disclaimer 'Message As Received
In this results update issue, Altius covers the following companies:
  • GKN
  • Ixigo
  • Signify
GKN Driveline Ltd
About The Company:
GKN Automotive is a multinational manufacturer of driveline components, all-wheel drive systems and plug-in hybrid systems for the automotive industry.

  • Current Market Price: ₹1,275/sh
  • Current Market Capital: ₹1,609.41 Cr
  • Price/Earnings Ratio: 19x

Investment Observation
GKN is a very high dividend payer. And the track record for the last 2 years are :
  • FY2022: ₹62/sh
  • FY2023: ₹62/sh 
Financial Performence:
GKN Financials

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Ixigo (Le Travenues Technology Ltd)
About The Company:
Ixigo is an Indian online travel portal, launched in 2007. Ixigo aggregates and compares real-time travel information, prices and availability for flights, trains, buses, and hotels, and allows ticket booking through its associate websites and apps.
In February 2021, ixigo acquired the train discovery and ticketing platform Confirmtkt in a cash and stock deal. In August 2021, ixigo acquired the bus ticket booking and fleet management portal AbhiBus in a cash and stock deal.
Since Ixigo began as a Meta Search engine, it has cracked customer acquisition. Ixigo alone has more app downloads than all other OTAs combined.
  • Current Market Price: ₹94/sh
  • Current Market Capital: ₹3,452.16 Cr
  • Price/Earnings Ratio: 150x

Why Ixigo?
  • IPO Ready Ixigo has already filed its IPO papers with SEBI and is expected to hit the markets within 12 months
  • IXIGO vs EaseMyTrip vs MMT – MMT is at a Price to Sales ratio of 11x, whereas easemytrip is at a Price to Sales of ~60x+. Ixigo on the other hand is at ~7X (at a CMP of 90/sh)
Financial Performance:
Ixigo Financials

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Signify Innovations India Ltd
About The Company:
The company develope, manufacture, and export innovative (LED) lighting solutions.
Despite the volatility in the country’s overall macroeconomic environment during FY23, The company managed to deliver good business results. By swiftly taking multiple mitigating actions and simultaneously managing it's prices to offset the structural part of inflation.
  • Current Market Price: ₹1,666/sh
  • Current Market Capital: ₹9,519.10 Cr
  • Price/Earnings Ratio: 35.7x

Investment Observation
Operating in a high growth sector and holds a leadership position in the company. And the track record of dividend for the last 2 years are:
  • FY2022: ₹37.5/sh
  • FY2023: ₹62.5/sh
Financial Performance:
Signify Financials

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