May 30, 2012

BJP Should End Petrol - Electricity Jazia in Punjab

BJP 's Nation wide Bandh Call for 31-05 is hypocritical and Double Faced

BJP should understand that Bandhs affect adversely mainly Business men and Daily Wagers. Bureaucracy gets another holiday. Rich Farmers are not affected .

Instead , BJP should should direct its Coalition Partner ( Akali Dal ) to reduce state VAT on Petrol which makes Petrol in Punjab the Costliest in the entire country. ( Nearly Rs. 9 Per Liter costlier than in neighboring Haryana )

Choongi ( Octroi ) on Urban Electricity Consumers and Commercial ( PENAL ) Electricity connection category  for Urban business men in Punjab should be immediately abolished 

If Akali Dal does not agree BJP should resign from the Ruling Coalition in Punjab .

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