May 26, 2012

Exempt Petrol Cars From Toll Tax at Toll Plazas

Petrol Cars should  be Exempted from Paying Toll Tax at Toll Plazas.

Already , such Petrol cars are paying nearly  Rs. 40   ( in the total price of Rs. 81 Per Liter in Punjab ) as TAXES and CROSS SUBSIDY  ( for Diesel as well ).

So , only Diesel Cars should pay Toll Tax.

Further , Physically Handicapped Car Travellers in Diesel cars should be exempted.

( India has strange logic. Here those who Dodge and Avoid Toll Tax at Toll Plazas are called V I P s . Those who pay are called Aam Aadmi . REAL V I P s are those WHO PAY and NOT vice versa )

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