May 12, 2012

Investors Want Frick , Jullundur Motors Listing in BSE Like Oswal Agro

Investors are demanding that shares of Jullundur Motor Agency ( Delhi ) and Frick India should be Listed in BSE like Oswal Agro Relisting. .

Presently , Jullundur Motor and Frick India are listed in Delhi Stock Exchange and DSE is in operational at present.

Further Investors want Frick India where the Book Value is Rs. 1000 + (Rs. 10 paid )should declare a liberal bonus ans split the face value of and share to Re. 1


Anonymous said...

is the name of that investor Ashwani Agarwal

Anonymous said...

i think some one from kolkata

Anonymous said...

may be but who ever that investor is he must be a idiot

before listing After Listing

Pilani 2300 1400

Nataraj 150 150

Oswal 34 25

Bharat Nidhi Expected 15000 1500

Anonymous said...

idiot only make money

moneymania said...

moneymania: That's a good initiative... You can fwd this link to the company secretary so that the needful is done.