June 01, 2012

No Token Reductions in Petrol Acceptable - Long Term Policies Wanted

 Rather than any Ad hoc measures , Govt. should take Long Term Policy Decisions :

( 1 ) Decontrol Diesel also.

( 2 ) Have one Price for Petrol For the Entire Country
( Make all fuels including Petrol and Diesel pricing only a Centre subject and States should not interfere. This would protect Petrol consumers of states like Punjab from any Vote Bank exploitation.

 ( 3 ) Also . consider charging only Diesel Cars at Toll Plazas while exempting Petrol Cars from Toll Plazaz ( Petrol cars pay around Rs. 45 Per Liter ( in Punjab ) as Taxes and Cross Subsidy for other fuels ( including Diesel )

( 4 ) Give Petrol to Physically Handicapped Indians @ Cost Price of Petrol i.e. Rs. 35 Per Liter .

The grossly differential policies for Petrol and Diesel are because the Govt. considers Petrol to be an Issue of the Middle Classes ( Non Vote Bank ) and Diesel to be an Issue of Vote Bank.

Middle Classes should rise , become a Vote Bank and be counted.

Whether it is Congress or BJP the Aam Aadmi ( Midlde Class Indians ) would continued to be taken for granted and be exploited


For how the Common Man is sidelined for Political considerations , please click :-


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