June 02, 2012

Queen Elizabeth - II -Diamond Jubilee- Please Return Kohinoor Diamond to India- Pakistan

Britishers are celebrating Diamond Jubilee of their current Queen , Queen Elizabeth - II. Our congratulations to them.

We , all of South Asia , hereby , ask the the Britishers to consider the fact that why is their Queen wearing in her Crown , , the Kohinoor Diamond .

Kohinoor Diamond , is the most well known Conflict Diamond which was taken as booty by the East India Company from the Lahore Darbar of successors of Sher - e- Punjab , Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

( Maharaja Ranjit Singh had Willed Kohinoor Diamond to the Temple of Jagan Nath Puri ( Odhisha )

Britishers should appreciate that it is most inappropriate and unethical for their Queen to wear a Looted Jewel.

The Diamond should be returned jointly to  India and Pakistan

( India and Pakistan can keep the Diamond alternately for 6 months in a year. But they should not give the Britisher an excuse that they do not know to who to Return. ). Let Queen Elizabeth not exploit India - Pakistan rivalry to continue to keep Kohinoor diamond with her.




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