November 28, 2015

1860 Bombay-Poona Railway Bridge Construction Photo-Present Trains Crossing

Very Rare Photo of Bombay -Poona Rail construction ( oldest Bore Ghat Viaduct - Bridge ) in Karjat - Lonavala Section . ( Around 1860 )

For 1860 c Photo , please Click :-

Please note the construction going on the Right side of the Pic. A supply train is unloading construction material on a slide on the hill side .

In the above photo , shuttering for arches of the bridge are being built.



Some thing like this pic( for giving idea only  on how arches of viaducts were constructed at that time )
We quote :-

" one of the oldest viaducts constructed during the inception of Rail Connectivity between Bombay and Poona dating back to the year 1858 still strong situated in the breath taking Bore Ghat section between Karjat & Lonavala.

The viaduct had 2 Meter gauge lines running at the start , later when the line was converted to Broad gauge it could only accommodate a single broad gauge line while additional lines were constructed parallel to this viaduct far apart. "

Credit Youtube

Very Interesting Fact 

This Viaduct is still operational.!

Watch this Video clip on You Tube


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