November 16, 2015

List of Baganlore , Hyderabad Stock Exchanges Shares on Dissemination Board BSE

Bangalore Stock Exchange Exclusively Listed Companies , now on Dissemination Board ( DB ) of BSE

Cochin Plantations,

 Kap Chem Ltd, 

Kap Steels,

 Fourenn Apparels, 

Polar Investments, 

Raasula Securities,

 Mysore Vegetable Oil Products,

 Agro Extracts Ltd 

 Synfosys Business Solutions.


Hyderabad Stock Exchange List

Pantex Geebee

 Fluid Power

, Kanakavarsha Securities 

 CMH Tools.

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BSE Dissemination Board ( DB ) , Helpline

BSE Helpline

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BSE Helpline For Investors Tel No./ Email

Please Contact BSE Helplines For More Details on Dissemination Board ( DB ) for trading in Delhi Stock Exchange ( 
DSE ) exclisively listed shares like Frick India , NBI Industrial Finance etc etc


Dissemination Board ( DB ) of BSE - How it Works


List of DSE Companies- Shifted to BSE - DB

A total of 1334 Delhi Stock Exchange ( DSE ) Exclusively Listed transferred to Dissemination Board of BSE ( Bombay Stock Exchange ) , as per BSE Circular Dt.09/07/2015

Frick India ,

NBI Industrial Finance 

are included in the List

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"Under Sebi's regulations, shares in such companies are moved to a specific platform named 'Dissemination Board', where trading takes place in a restricted manner and a price is quoted when someone wants to buy or sell those shares----- "

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