November 13, 2015

Exclusive DSE Shares like Frick , NBI on BSE Dissemination Board

1 ) SEBI directed the closure of Delhi Stock Exchange ( DSE )  wef 19 /11 /2014.

2 ) Following this all those shares which wee exclusively listed at DSE would move to Dissemination Board of BSE. This includes Frick India , NBI Industrial Finance etc etc.

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3 ) Dissemination Board is a Temporary stop gap measure. 

SEBI has mandated that DSE exclusively listed companied like Frick India , NBI Industrial Finance etc etc


a ) Relist at BSE / NSE


b ) Officially Delist ( by offering a fair price to shareholders by Reverse Book Building  (RBB ) etc.

" Further, as per SEBI’s most recent Circular on the Subject, companies listed exclusively on Regional Stock Exchanges (RSEs), once shifted DB, shall be under an obligation to either provide liquidity to their shareholders or to provide exit to their public shareholders.
While, the former can be achieved by way of Direct Listing at Nationwide Stock Exchanges (viz. BSE/ NSE/ MCX-SX) and the latter can be attained by following the SEBI Delisting Regulations.
Companies that fail to achieve either of the above, their Promoters and Directors shall be under -------" Click the Link below :-


List of DSE Companies- Shifted to BSE - DB

A total of 1334 Delhi Stock Exchange ( DSE ) Exclusively Listed transferred to Dissemination Board of BSE ( Bombay Stock Exchange ) , as per BSE Circular Dt.09/07/2015

Frick India ,

NBI Industrial Finance 

are included in the List

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Dissemination Board ( DB ) of BSE - How it Works


"Under Sebi's regulations, shares in such companies are moved to a specific platform named 'Dissemination Board', where trading takes place in a restricted manner and a price is quoted when someone wants to buy or sell those shares----- "

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