August 26, 2016

Frick India -AGM 2016 -Meeting Report

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September 09, 2017

Frick India- AGM -2017- Highlights

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AGM of Frick India was held at 11 AM , on 26/08/16 , at Faridabad

The Management of Frick India was very positive about the future , especially the next 4 -5 years ,of Frick India ,as the share transfer disputes among the Promoters have been resolved and Company can take up , in right earnest , its pending expansion plans 

1 ) The Management agreed to issue Bonus Shares and a Split in face value. If there is need , a Rights Issue , as well.

2 ) To the shareholders' grievance that , at present , they are being offered only Rs. 2000 per share in the grey market as there is no trading in the Metropolitan Stock Exchange , the Management assured that they  go  in for Listing in BSE  and NSE. They said for Listing in BSE ( under SME section ) the minimum share capital required , for Listing  is Rs 3 crore . Frick India is taking steps to meet it. Listing at Metropolitan Stock Exchange is only a stop gap measure.

3 ) Regarding the redevelopment of the prime 22 acres land ( present factory at Faridabad ) would be considered if the Land Laws allow it , as the original land acquisition was for industrial purpose.

4 ) New machines / product lines are being added . Puffing Machine is making ultra thin and well insulated sheets for construction of buildings. Frick India may take up the line of making Pre Fabricated ( specially insulated ) buildings / houses.

Frick India would , also , manufacture home / office air conditioners.


August 20, 2016

Frick India- Annual Report -2015-16 - Excerpts - Comments

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