August 09, 2016

Frick India AGM on 26/08/16- Please Attend

Frick India Limited has informed that the register of members of the company will remain closed from August 20, 2016 to August 26, 2016 (both days inclusive) for the purpose of Annual General Meeting of the company to be held on August 26, 2016.

Frick India AGM s are held at Faridabad ( Haryana ) near Delhi.

Shareholders are requested to attend and raise the questions of

1) Prpoper Listing at BSE / NSE  or regular Trading at Metropolitan Stock Exchange.

2 ) Bonus / Split as the Book Value per Share is above Rs. 1825 /- ( Rs.10 paid ) and Share Capital Rs. 60 Lakh ( 6 Lakh shares )

August 20, 2016

Frick India- Annual Report -2015-16 - Excerpts - Comments



August 08, 2016

NBI Industrial , Frick India ,Carrier - Dealers Send Letters

It seems shares of 

NBI Industrial Finance ,

Frick India 

Carrier Air conditioning 

are in great demand as Dealers are sending letters to individual shareholders.

Rates being offered for NBI Industrial Finance is Rs.800 and Carrier Rs. 70 . ( Please Recheck as rates may be more  .)

It seems NBI Industrial is presently Rs. 800 - Rs.1300

Frick India Rs. 1200 - Rs.1600  ( PLEASE RECHECK )

 Frick India and NBI Industrial have very small equities.

There are very few shares left with public meaning that there is very little floating stock.

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June 03, 2016

Frick India 2015-16 Profits Nearly Double, EPS Rs.195, Book Value Rs.1825

For Year Ending 31-03-2016

Sales : Rs 200 cr 70 lakh

Gross Profit Rs. 18 cr

Profit Before Tax Rs. 16 cr  28 lakh

Net Profit : Rs. 11 cr 69 lakh

EPS : Rs.194 / 83 p

Dividend : 25 % ( Rs.2 / 50 p )


As on 31 /03/2016

Share Capital : Rs. 60 Lakh ( 6 Lakh Shares of Rs. 10 each )

Reserves :108 crore 90 lakh

Book Value Per Share ; Rs.1825



Blog Comments : -

Frick India is market leader in Industrial Refrigeration.With Govt. emphasis on Food Processing / Food Preservation Prospects are very Bright.

Frick India 's Balance Sheet has many Hidden Assets.

Example : -

Frick India owns 25 acres of Prime Land on GT Road , Faridabad ( NCR ).Current land prices could be upward of Rs. 100 cr Per acre ( Please Recheck this Information )


For More on Frick India , please click :-


General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your  WEALTH

Caution :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in these Companies ,  so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism

( NB : All information given in good faith. Please recheck all facts before taking any investment decision.

. No responsibility taken by this author / blog . )


May 17, 2011

Frick India Limited


ISIN: INE499C01012

Frick India is a pioneer in industrial refrigeration like cold storage . It appears to have been promoted in 1962  by Frick of USA.( now part ofJohnson Controls Group , one of the Top 50 manufacturing Companies of the USA ) - Please recheck this information.

As per the Annual Report of Frick India ( 2011-12 ) Frick India is now Independent.

( Please recheck this information independently also - No Responsibility )

The share capital of Frick India is Rs. 60 lakh ( Six Lakh shares of Rs. 10 each .)

The Book value is around Rs.1000 per share and EPS around Rs. 140 per share for 2009-10. It is expected to be better for the year ending March 2011 .

No. of Shareholders ( 31-03-11 )- 2211  

In the unofficial trading share of Frick India is available around Rs.800 per share. This puts the market capitalisation / enterprise value at around Rs. 50 crore. ( It is noteworthy that in comparison to the enterprise value ,  Frick 's plant is situated on around 25 acres of land on the Main Mathura Road ( GT Road ) Faridabad - NCR ).

( Unconfirmed Sources suggest the present value of  Frick India 's Faridabad land upwards of Rs.100 crore per Acre - PLEASE RECHECK THIS INFORMATION )

----------- For further study please click the following Links :-

Frick India Limited is , also , dealers of Industrial Cooling Towers

Shares of Frick India Limited  are listed only at Delhi Stock Exchange which is , presently , closed for trading. Analysts and commentators , especially of delisted shares, are of the opinion that investors of DSE listed asset laden and highly profitable companies like Frick India ,Jullundur Motor etc can gain handsomely  ( immediate around 100 % upwards ) if DSE resumes trading or if DSE listed shares are listed for trading under the " Permitted Shares " category of BSE / NSE

The Peer comparison with BSE / NSE  Listed companies e.g. Blue Star ,Voltas , Ingersoll Rand etc. in case of Frick and Indian Motor Parts and Accessories ( IMPAL ) in case of Jullundur Motor on parameters of Book Value , PE ratio , Sales  etc supports this contention of the analysts..

The management of Frick India Limited should :-

Issue a liberal bonus ( Book value is Rs. 1000 + )
Split the Face Value to Re. 1



Frick India Listed on Metropolitan Stock Exchange 





Frick India Limited- Annual Report ( 2010-11 ) - Comments

Frick India Limited as on 31-03-11 has a Share Capital of Rs. 60 lakh ( Rs. 10 paid up shares ) and Reserves of Rs. 6736 lakh , giving it a Book Value of  around Rs. 1133 per share.

In the APPLICATION OF FUNDS ( Page 23 - Annual Report - 2010-11 )

Frick India Limited has Rs. 1733 in Investments ( mainly mutual funds ) and its Net Currents Assets ( i.e. Current Assets minus Current Liabilities ) stand at Rs. 5112 lakh.

Even if we deduct Rs. 1207 lakh of debt on its Balance Sheet , Frick India Limited has liquid funds worth Rs. 5638 lakh or Rs. 940 per share..

Future Plan of Action ( Page 4 - Annual Report -2010-11 )

The Company has entered into an Agreement with Vilter , USA to manufacture complete range of high efficiency reciprocating compressors for export to Vilter under the Buy-back clause of this Agreement and for export to various other international territories . This process would continue

The Company is continuing to upgrade its Design and Engineering Department in order to be in a position to undertake Malls , Naval and Office Air - Conditioning and Ventilation Jobs.




Frick India -Important Issues of Bonus and Relisting

Your Query(ies)
 Q-The fact of and reasons for the permission taken to condone the delay in holding the AGM are not stated in the Annual Report (2012)

Company Answers (in Bold )

A. There is no delay in holding the AGM of the Company, accordingly no question of permission for condonation of delay.
Further, the company made an application on 21/08/2012 for an extension of time for the purpose of holding AGM which was granted by the ROC under section 166(1) read with second proviso attached thereto for a period of 3 months.

Q 02.
The reasons for the variance in Provisional Net Profit (2011 -12 ) which gave EPS of Rs. 175 Per Share and Final EPS of Rs. 150 Per Share has not been explained.

A .During our Statutory audit, there was an increase in Provision for Deferred Taxation from Rs.11.77 Lac to 124.45 Lac. Since it is statutory provision, hence we have to provided the same, other wise there is no significant change in net profit (before tax) from Rs.1528.49 Lac (Provisional) to Rs.1508.27 Lac (Audited).
Q 03.
in view of Book Value of Rs. 1280 Per Share and EPS of Rs. 150 Share Holders had taken up with the then Company Secretary Mr. Raman Khalsa, for a Liberal Bonus and a Split. The Annual Report is silent on this,
A.Since company is in expansion mode, the company may consider the same for future requirements of the Company.
Q 04.
Further , Share holders had taken up with Frick India the SEBI guidelines regarding Relisting in BSE / NSE as DSE is non operational
Relevant SEBI guidelines ;-
Although the correspondence on this crucial issue was acknowledged by Mr. Raman Khalsa, the Annual Report ( 2012 ) is silent on this  issue.

A .As per Clause 9 of the SEBI Circular no. CIR/MRD/DSA/14/2012 dated May 30, 2012 regarding Relisting in BSE / NSE as DSE is non operational, the said circular apply to only : -

(i) Recognized stock exchanges 
(ii) Stock exchanges that stand de-recognised as on date of this circular 
(iii) Stock exchanges that have applied for derecognition/ exit as on the date
of this circular

Hence, the above-said circular is not applicable to the Company.

Please refer page no. 05 of the SEBI Circular no. CIR/MRD/DSA/14/2012 dated May 30, 2012
Page 5 of SEBI Circular , as mentioned by Frick India , refers only to Stock Exchanges . Frick India should not Misquote.

Frick India , in the interests of its Non promoter Shareholders , should follow , without any further delay , SEBI Directive dt. 30-05-12 , on Relisting in NSE / BSE.

Please read Page 5/5 of SEBI Circular:-

Further , the Company should appreciate the fact that Issue of Bonus Shares does not mean any outflow of funds so the answer that Frick India needs funds for expansion and thus cannot issue Bonus shares is highly illogical and unacceptable to Shareholders

( Please Recheck Independently - Information Given In Good Faith )

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