August 16, 2016

1) Pakistan , 2) Indian Farmers -15 th August PM Speech


The real issues facing Farmers must be addressed.

In Punjab ,woes of actual tillers ( Plough Wielders ) is the high rates charged by Absentee Landlords who give their Land on Lease ( Theka ) to actual tillers.

Absentee Landlords manipulate Revenue Officials ( Patwaris ) to show them selves as Tillers in the Girdawaris.

NRI swho have not visited India for years are shown as Tillers.

Benefits of Subsidies / Freebies are taken by the Absentee Landlords.

NRI s , also ,take benefit of Free Electricity / Income Tax Exemption.

Income Tax Exemption is for actual tillers only



Pakistan Must Vacate illegally Occupied Indian territory in Kashmir ( POK ) and Afghanistan``s territory of NWFP and give independence to Baluchistan.

A step in the right direction by the Indian PM.

India must highlight Pakistan atrocities in Baluchistan ( Pak Air force bombings , extra judicial killings ) and India must support Baluchistan ``s struggle for independence.

Not only is Pakistan in illegal occupation of Indian territory in Kashmir ( POK ) , Pakistan must vacate NWFP . India must speak out against the Durand Line. The historical border ( Maharaja Ranjit Singh ``s time ) between Pakistan and Afghanistan is Attock ( Campbellpur) and Indus river

 NWFP was ( like Hong Kong ) on lease from Afghanistan . This lease has expired.

Deja vu -1965 , when PM Shastri Opened a New Front
India is on the front foot discarding Nehruvian back foot mindset when other countries took India for a ride.
Pakistan has many more vulnerabilities than India.

Modi 's counter attack has caught Pakistan off guard. Pakistan is not used to be exposed by India on POK , Baluchistan , NWPF.
Reminds of 1965 . Gen 's Ayub 's Operation Gibraltar ( Kashmir specific only ). Lal Bahadur Shastri opened the Punjab front.

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