December 12, 2016

Cyrus Mistry Has a Point

As shareholders in various Tata Companies , we have received EGM  Postal Notices regarding removal of Cyrus Mistry.

We , minority share holders are perplexed and wish that  Postal Ballots sent to us were for some thing positive. We hold Tata s and Tata Companies in great esteem.

We have been and still are great admirers ( fans ) of Ratan Tata.

But in his 14 page , very comprehensive representation to minority shareholders , Cyrus  Mistry has made a valid point.

Please read this Representation of Cyrus Mistry :-

It is about the manner in which Tata Trusts are run. Tata Trusts hold 66% of Tata Sons Equity.

Cyrus points out that are Public Trusts for the benefit of all Indians and are not Family Trusts.

These Trusts had Veto power in the Management / Decision making process of Tata Companies which should be run on Professional Lines.

Cyrus was just trying to Reform


Please , also , read :-  

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