December 26, 2016

Reed Relays Persists With Its Brute Majority Tryanny

Blog Gratitude to Bhavin Leua. Please Unite. Take up With SEBI . Press etc. In Reed 's cae , now , the Company would have to file a case with the Hon'ble Madras High Court. Please challenge it in the High Court , like Cadbury India.


 Bhavin Leua 's Message

Dear All,

Be aware or cautious before Invest into those company whose promoter stack is more than 75% in which the tendency started for cumpolsury buy back of non promoter stack & Investor silentely watched / agreed. (like Reed Relay, Mohan Steel). Likely to be occur in CTR manufacturing, San Engineering, Kutch Salt and Many more. Many promoters are planning for bad amalgamation ratio of Resin & Plastic, Sea lord Container etc. with current listed sister concern.

Jessop - Director Behind the bars and Huge fire in Company.

Attached Resolution of RRE. Major shareholders are not live or change of address and they passed the resolution based on own shares. Also See for Mohan Steel.

Please raise your voice.


Bhavin Leua
(M / Whatsapp )9033476634 (contact preferably on whatsapp)

You may download the following file at

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