December 24, 2016


When I was in St. Stephen's College ( 1975 - 1980 ) one of my class mates ' father's ( later PM ) signature was on the One Rupee Note


Now, my Senior 's and also. our Teacher 's ( Mr. Rajiv Mehrisi 's signature on the 2015 One Rupee Note

Rajiv Mehrishi ., now , Union Home Secretary . We are very proud of you.

( My fellow Resident / Senior in St. Stephen's College )

College Days

During our time ( 1975 -80 ) , Delhi University Inter College Cricket Final was , invariably , between St. Stephen's and Hindu College.

Our St. Stephen's College had cricketing stars like Kirti Azad , Arun Lal , Rajinder Amarnath ( younger brother of Mohinder , Surinder Amar Nath ). Staff In charge , the legendary and dashing HOD - History- Prof Mohammad Amin.

The annual Cricket Final ( University Grounds ) was a grand affair with running Radio commentary ( Yuv Vani A.I.R. )

For us spectators / College supporters action centered around the Side Screen ( at the University End ) with Hindu College and St. Stephen's crowds on either back side of the Side Screen .

The atmosphere used to be very charged with beating of drums and often abusive slogan shouting. At periodical intervals , jostling crowds would come head on and a free hand to hand scuffle ensued ( like a Kabbadi match with the Raider being pinned down )

St. Stephen's star defender was the fearless Rajiv Mehrishi. With Mehrishi around we would feel very safe and bold.
We are very sure with IAS Rajiv Mehrishi as the Union Home Secretary , the entire country, feels safe.

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