December 29, 2016

We Do Not Want Others' Shares / Properties


We fail to understand the logic behind Govt''s passing Ordnance after Ordnance regarding Enemy Properties( those Property / Share holders who migrated to Pakistan ) .

Descendants of many such migrants to Pakistan have , now , moved to other countries. Some are back in India

Nusli Wadia , Chairman / Promoter of Bombay Dyeing / Britannia, is grand son of Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Further , Promoters of some companies are misappropriating Rights issues of shares under Enemy Properties Act.

It is not benefiting the Indian Govt in any way.

( Investment of few hundreds made around 1946 in the shares of Western India Oil Products , now renamed Wipro is ,presently , worth in crores )


Some of the Pre 1947 companies :-
WIPRO ( then known as Western India Products Limited )
Tata Steel ( Tata Iron and Steel Co. Ltd or TISCO )
Binani Metal Limited of Braj Binani Group ( Earlier Multimetal etc ) Holding Company of Binani Industries Binani Zinc etc
PNB Finance And Industries Limited ( then The Punjab National Bank Limited )
Bharat Nidhi Limited ( then Bharat Bank Limited )
NBI Industrial Finance ( then The New Bank of India Limited )
Sukhjit Starch And Chemicals Ltd . ( Phagwara )
and many more.

Shares of Pre 1947 Indian Companies should be listed in Pakistan's Stock Exchanges. We , Indians , do not covet somebody else's Wealth.

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