January 18, 2018

Bank Accounts - College Times and Now

College Days
Bank Account Numbers were very small . When , around 1977 , I opened a Saving Bank account in Syndicate Bank. Extension Counter , St. Stephen's College, Delhi , my A/c No. was SB 48. It later became 248, then 2248 and so on
( My bank balance , considering being a student ,used to be a respectable sum )
Present Times
Now Bank account numbers are 12 to 16 digits
( My balance such that I am in constant dread of a below min balance Warning SMS from the Bank .)
A Poem by Non Poet - Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal
O God , Kuchh Aisa Karo
Ki Mera Bank Account Ka Number Phir Se College Ke Dino Wala Ho Jaye
Aur Us Mein Balance Aaj Ke Bank Account Number Jitna Ho Jaye
( For the Best of Both Times )


Introduction for opening my St. Stephen's College Saving Bank A/c was given by the legendary Robert Sahib


tushar agarwal said...

very well said sirjee,
every indian hope for the same

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Thanks Tushar Sir