January 04, 2018

Shreeji's Comments on Shares

Dear Investors,

Apollo Sindoori is a 3500 Cr worth hospitality service management and support services company & it is sister concern of the famed Apollo Hospital Group. Now See the price of Apollo Sindoori (1736 - All Buyer).

Same story will be implementing with KURLON LTD in future. Everyone has the same Opportunity, difference is that someone will pick up and someone wait for knocking.

Be aware of investing into  manipulated market.....like IWP, Coastal, Studd, Merino, Aricent etc.. (There is no any wrong Intention behind to write this)

Happy Investing......

Shreeji Investments , Ahmedabad

Bhavin Leua
(M / Whatsapp )9033476634 (contact preferably on whatsapp)


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