January 29, 2018

Old Bombay Photos

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I have , also , stayed for some time in Bombay / Mumbai . Lamington Road ,Near Minerva Theatre. There were many cinema halls near by . Maratha Mandir , near Bombay Central station and Apsara. How in monsoons the main road got water logged. Great Mumbai. Mumbaikars are very lucky and privileged. 

Mumbai is Mahaluxmi of India.


Once , when Iwas watching the harbour from a rented pair of binoculars at Gateway of India , a thought occurred to me as to why not stay for a night at Hotel Taj ( some share must have risen well and , as they say , the feel good factor was making me feel rich . Then I thought , in the morning I would walk out of the Hotel , as the same old fellow. Why not for that amount buy some shares of the Hotel Company which would remain with me for as long as I wish. ( Indian Hotels was Rs.10 paid up at that time . )

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