January 23, 2018

Happy Netaji Jayanti- 23 rd January

1 ) We want Republic Day to be celebrated on 23 rd January.

2 ) An " AZAD HIND GHAT " be built near Mahatma's Raj Ghat in Delhi.

Netaji's ashes be brought from Renkoji Mandir Tokyo to this Azad Hind Ghat, Delhi

There should be a reappraisal of leaders. 

.Nehru's sisters did not let Nehru 's successor Lal Bahadur Shastri stay in Teen Murti Bhawan. PM Shastri was deeply upset. Teen Murti Bhavan was converted in to a Nehru Memorial. Good that , now , after the Israeli PM 's visit , the chowk has been renamed Haifa Chowk.

Similarly , some Ghats on the bank of Yamuna should be reduced in size to accomodate other " true " builders of India.
Sam Pitroda and E Sreedharan ( Metro Man of India ) should be given Bharat Ratna. 


Emile Schenkl Bose- The Real " Kaiser - E - Hind "

Queen Victoria of England was given by Prime Minister Disraeli the title of " Kaiser -e Hind " meaning in German " Empress of India " . Victoria had German ancestry and Disraeli took great pains to please her.

But for Indians the real Kaiser -E- Hind is not Victoria but EMILE SCHENKL BOSE the Austrian - German wife of Netaji Subhash Chander Bose,one of the most respected National Heroes of India .

Well , had events happened in India's favour and had India been lucky then Independence would have come under Netaji Subhash Chander Bose . The great " ARZI HUKUMAT AZAD HIND " ( Provisional Government of Free India ) based at Singapore would have become the ASLI HUKUMAT AZAD HIND based at New Delhi .

Then ,firstly , there would not have been any partition ( as Netaji , unlike the Congress , had full confidence and trust of Indian Muslims )

And secondly ( as I see in my dreams ) Emile Schenkl Bose ( with daughter Anita Bose ) would have landed in India and the admiring and adulating Indians would have been welcoming India 's real " Kaiser E- Hind " and Emile Schenkl Bose taking her rightful place as the First Lady of " Azad Hind " at the Rashtrapati Bhawan , New Delhi ( A glorious conclusion of Azad Hind Fauz ( Indian National Army's ) Onto Delhi-" Dilli Chalo " campaign ).



 For coin collectors there is an interesting case of Netaji 's Rs 2 coins which , erroneously ,had his birth year as 1896. These were soon withdrawn. But if any one has it, it carries great worth ( ebay.in )


Where was the Iron Man of India , Sardar Vallabhai Patel cremated ? 

A -Certainly not near Raj Ghat or Nehru's Shanti Van. No memorial for him.

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