February 01, 2018

Calculating Long Term Capital Gains Tax

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Long Term Tax - Short Term Memory

Securities Transaction Tax ( STT ) was introduced in lieu of Long Term Capital Gains Tax ( LTCG.) Now , Govt. has imposed both.


No Relief in Income Tax for Physically Handicapped Indians.

In India, if Physically Handicapped pay Income Tax why cannot Rich / Super Rich Farmers ?


February 02, 2018

Metropolitan , CSE-Govt. Can Earn More

There are hundreds of Exclusively Listed shares in Metropolitan Stock Exchange and Calcutta Stock Exchanges.

 Central Govt is losing , daily , tens of crores of revenue by way of lost Securities Transaction Tax ( STT ) and GST as there is no equity trading in Metropolitan Stock Exchange. and CSE. 

Instead of imposing Long Term Capital Gains Tax ( LTCG ) Govt. can make more money by making SEBI ensure that Equity trading takes place in Metropolitan Stock Exchange and Calcutta Stock Exchange.


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