February 06, 2018

Maldives : Others Hands Off

India should follow a Pro active / expansionist policy
During British times Maldives was part of Indian governed territories.
Some time back Maldives shocked India by laying claim to the Indian territory of Lakshdweep Islands ( geographically contiguous to Maldives ).
Prime Minister, Smt Indira Gandhi , called the Indian High Commissioner , H E DewanBrij Kumar IFS , to New Delhi for clarifications.
. Maldives was being manipulated in to taking an anti India stand
It is matter of Great Pride for me that Late Dewan Brij Kumar IFS is my maternal Uncle ( real Mama ji )
Mamaji , a career diplomat , was so imbued with Patriotism.
He would tell us the smartness of Sardar Patel who had the great foresight of sending Indian naval ship to Lakshdweep to lay India's claims. Pakistani Navy arrived a day later.)
( Lakshdweep is 100 % Muslim )
( Dewan Sahib was India's First Consul General in Chicago , Deputy Consul General in New York and India's First Secretary in Kabul - Afghanistan)
When Dewan Sahib was to meet the PM on the Maldives issue, I was in Delhi.
A day before Dewan Sahib put on his new clothes and told me : ASHU , How do I look in this new Shervani which I have got stitched specially for this meeting


tushar agarwal said...

Myself fell proud to be agarwal

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