May 27, 2018

Indo Aluys Inds ( Mahavir Aluminium )- Investors Please Sign to Retain Shares


Very Important -Option Open From 28/05/18 to 01/06/2018

Indo Aluys Industries is giving an option to its shareholders to retain the shares. PLEASE SIGN THE FORM TO RETAIN . 

Alternatively, in case you are still willing to remain as a shareholder of the Company post Exit offer, you may instead of tendering the shares at the Exit or offer price, may remain so by giving your positive consent to continue as shareholders duly mentioning that you are interested in continuing as the shareholder of the Company even post offer and have no objection on the Exit offer. In this regard a Consent Letter including both the options available with the shareholders i.e., either to tender their Equity shares or to give their positive consent to be as shareholder of the Company even post offer is enclosed with this Offer Letter.

The Form can be downloaded from 

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