May 18, 2018

LIC 's Favourite Small Caps

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There are many hidden Small cap gems , especially , from erstwhile . Regional Stock Exchanges ( now closed ) like Frick India, Dalmia Refractories , John Oakey Mohan , listed Exclusively in Metropolitan Stock Exchange.

But these are hidden as , presently , there is very little Equity trading in Metropolitan Stock Exchange.

There are such 192 companies which are Exclusively Listed in Metropolitan Stock Exchange. 

Investors of these companies are facing great difficulty as share traders in the Unlisted / Grey market offer around one third price.

The most important and most urgent issue for Investors is that SEBI ensures that full share trading starts taking place in Metropolitan Stock Exchange..


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SEBI Should Take Action on Metropolitan Non Trading in Equities

SEBI should either make equity trading work at Metropolitan Stock Exchange work or else SEBI should automatically shift to NSE / BSE the 200 Exclusively Listed shares in Metropolitan Stock Exchange .

 At present , investors of such shares are suffering for no fault of theirs.

Firstly ,Dealers of Unlisted shares are giving them 1 / 3 rd of the rates had these shares been listed .

 Secondly , such Investors cannot claim Long Term Capital gains Exemption in the absence of  proper Contract Notes ( showing that STT has been paid ) .


May 18, 2018

Irregularities in Metropolitan Stock Exchange ??

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SEBI and Ministry of Finance should Investigate

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Is Metropolitan Stock Exchange Like Calcutta Stock Exchange ??


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April 26, 2018

Metropolitan Stock Exchange's Recognition Ends 15/09/2018

SEBI 's recognition of Metropolitan Stock Exchange ends on 15 th September , 2018


In the light of a major relief  , granted by the Hon'ble Delhi High Court , to the Investors of Exclusively Listed  Companies in the Non Operational Calcutta Stock Exchange , Investors are demanding similar relief to the Investors of Exclusively Listed Companies ( 200 + ) in Metropolitan Stock Exchange.

Investors argue that similar to getting listed in Calcutta Stock Exchange , listing in Metropolitan Stock Exchange is cosmetic .

Would Investors' interests be better served if Metropolitan  Stock Exchange is closed / derecognised officially.

Earlier , Metropolitan  Stock Exchange assured investors that Equity trading would commence after it raises capital. It appears  Metropolitan  Stock Exchange has raised about Rs. 200 crore ( privately ).

When some Investors took up the case of Non Trading of Equities in Metropolitan Stock Exchange , SEBI closed the complaint after Metropolitan Stock Exchange replied that regular Equity is taking place  .


If Metropolitan Stock Exchange is making a wrong declaration to SEBI can Metropolitan Stock Exchange be challenged in courts for Perjury ?

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