May 27, 2018

Indo Aluys ( Mahavir Aluminium ) Exit Offer Rate Very Unfair Say Investors



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There is one more company to join the list of promoter MILI BHAGAT and taking the advantage of regulators loop hole and cheating the investor . and the name is " INDO ALUYS LTD " the company's promoter has came out with exit option at rs. 15.44 ( ha ha ha !!!!) 

i herewith attach the annual report of 2016-17 for your reference from that a simple layman can know the status of the company. I dont have to say any more BUT READY WITH ANY BODY TO CHALLENGE THE SAME 

M# 09824601977
M# 09423131075


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Blog Comments - Very Important -Option Open From 28/05/18 to 01/06/2018

Indo Aluys Industries is giving an option to its shareholders to retain the shares. PLEASE SIGN THE FORM TO RETAIN 
Alternatively, in case you are still willing to remain as a shareholder of the Company post Exit offer, you may instead of tendering the shares at the Exit or offer price, may remain so by giving your positive consent to continue as shareholders duly mentioning that you are interested in continuing as the shareholder of the Company even post offer and have no objection on the Exit offer. In this regard a Consent Letter including both the options available with the shareholders i.e., either to tender their Equity shares or to give their positive consent to be as shareholder of the Company even post offer is enclosed with this Offer Letter.

. The Form can be downloaded from 


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May 27, 2018

Investors are playing BLIND in Tin Patti ( Flash ) Cards Game

In the cards game of Tin Patti ( Flash ) or Indian Poker some players have seen their cards while others are playing "BLIND

Public Share investors are playing " BLIND " and Promoters know ( Have Seen ) their cards.

Whenever Promoters come to know before " BLIND playing "Public shareholders about any quantum jump in the prospects of the Company ( like Macrofil Investments , UTV Software ) ,they oust the Non Promoters at arbitrary rates 



Games Promoters Play ( on Minority Public Shareholders ).

Promoters use clever moves to forcibly eject Public shareholders when ever they feel like i.e. when the Company has excellent future prospects or when it suits the Promoters. 

1 ) Selective cancellation of Non Promoters shares.

2 ) Conversion of Equity shares in to Redeemable Preference Shares.

3 ) Consolidation of face value of one share to a Higher Denomination .

In all cases , valuers are appointed and Paid by the Company. Thus they are Promoters' Agents.

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If the Company feels that the rate it is offering is " FAIR " then it should , also , be willing to offer to sell its entire majority  holding at that rate . The minority share holders ( and other Indian share holders ) should have a Right of Pre emption at that " FAIR " rate. For example if Cadbury India Limited feels that Rs.2000 is a " fair rate " then Indian shareholders in general should be given an opportunity to form a SPV ( Special Purpose Vehicle ) Company which ( with suitable debt equity Leveraged Buy out ) and buy  at the same rate  the majority shares from the Promoters. A period of 6 months should be kept for giving this opportunity to Non Promoter Indian shareholders 

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