May 23, 2018

Prabodh Gupta , Delhi- Dealer of Delisted/Unlisted shares

Prabodh Gupta: 

Ph: 9810135531, 7015089424

Deals in shares of : Delisted and unlisted companies

Also offers free legal assistance to shares' investors for resolving shareholding issues etc.

Currently trading in: 

HDB Financial,

 Coastal Corporation,

 Hero Fincorp,

 Rydak Syndicate, 

Otis elevator, 

GKN Driveline,

ETA Karnataka

Estates etc. and many more... 

1 comment:

Pravin said...

I am interested Buying 1) Bharat Hotel (5-10 Share), Frik India (1-2 Shares)
Please send me detail