March 05, 2019

Assam Carbon Q3-2019 Results

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About Assam Carbon Products Limited

Assam Carbon is the leader in the field of Carbon and Carbon related products for the past five decades. We supply our products to various segments like Railway Traction, Cement, Steel, Sugar, Mines, Power ,Petrochemical, Chemical process Industries etc. for various applications.

Our plant was commissioned about 50 years ago and subsequently to widen our Grades portfolio, we entered in a JV with Morgans, an association lasting from 1972 to 24.05.16, during which period we imbibed some of the best Technology, Plant & Machinery and Manufacturing Practices, catapulting us to the leadership position in India and also exporting to several countries in the world.

As of 25.05.2016, Assam Carbon has become an independent identity, after the Present Management acquired all Morgan shares, once Morgans decided to exit the carbon business in India. However, as per agreement entered into with Morgans, we have all the rights in perpetuity to produce all the grades/ products for which we have the requisite Technical KnowHow adopted from Morgans.

Assam Carbon has two plants with strength of about 350 people. Company has diverse product portfolio in the field of Electrical, Mechanical and speciality Carbons, encompassing a very wide range of carbon and graphite products for varied applications such as Carbon Brushes, Current Collectors, Railways Signaling Contacts, Carbon Seals & Bearings, Carbon Gland Ring,Steam joints, Thrust Pad , Radial bearing, Graphite Felt & Insulations, and other graphite products.

The Company has recently embarked on a major Modernization Programme at its Guwahati Factory to meet the rapidly growing domestic and export market to meet the stringent quality and volumes requirement. This is scheduled for completion by January, 2017, whereafter similar Programme shall be undertaken for the Company’s Patancheru, Hyderabad Plant.


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November 20, 2018

Assam Carbon Q2-2019 Results

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