August 14, 2023

14 th August- Partition Horrors Remembrance Day

Why was India 's Independence Preponed from 1948 to1947
Let us pay Homage to Lakhs of innocent Victims of Partition ( on both sides ) - People who were devastated for no fault of theirs
An enquiry should be instituted as to why the process of India's Independence and Partition ( Creation of Pakistan ) done in a TEARING HURRY .
Who were the Politicians crazy for grabbing Power at all costs ?
Why no Security ( like UNO Troops ) provided to millions of helpless Refugees / Migrants who were slaughtered on an unprecedented scale.
Partitions were a time tested tactic of the Imperialists to keep emerging powers weak. They did in Palestine, Korea, Germany and Vietnam .Germany and Vietnam have re unified..
Bloodshed in 1947 happened because of the tearing hurry on the part of the departing Britishers.
The Britishers did not bring in any / UNO sponsored Peace Keeping Force and , hence, Britishers are responsible for the tragic loss of lives and terrible destruction of 1947.
Britishers had the biggest role in creating the myth of the Two Nation Theory.
After the revolt of 1857, Britishers became anti Muslim and propped up others. Then they followed the tactic of Divide and Rule.
At the time of independence in 1947, U-S-A , the successor of Britain as a Super Power , desperately wanted to create Pakistan so that in the then prevailing bitter Cold War scenario , to keep one part under the West even if the other ( India under Nehru ) went to the Soviet Bloc.
Pakistan was initially propped up by . U-S-A , used and then dumped.
My late father , Dr. Dharam Paul Aggarwal had seen the pain of senseless Partition ( 1947 )riots / killings in his youth., though our family was lucky that we were in Indian Punjab.
My father used to say that community wise , it turned out to be a partition of Indian Muslims.
15 th August ( 1947 ) - Indian Independence Date Chosen by Mountbatten- WHY ?
The date August 15 was also carefully chosen by the British. It was on this very day that Japan announced to surrender in 1945.
Mountbatten was rattled / ever obsessed by the Imperial Japanese victories ( especially in Burma ) and Singapore . Mountbatten had with his name a pretentious colonial title of 1 st Earl of Burma.
Mountbatten wanted to insult memories of Azad Hind and Netaji Subhash Chander Bose who was in alliance with the Imperial Japanese .
They had liberated Burma and Singapore .
Nehru , always , towed Mountbatten 's line.
. Mountbatten blew up ,by putting explosives , the Azad Hind War Memorial in Singapore ( like ISIS blowing up Al Nuri Mosque in Mosul ).
Nehru made no attempt to rebuild Azad Hind War Memorial in a  Free India.

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