August 13, 2023

NCL Buildtek (Formerly NCL Alltek and Seccolor ) 2022-2023 Results , 2021-2022 Annual Report

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 Some shares  of NCL Buildtek (Formerly NCL Alltek and Seccolor ) are available , for sale / purchase ,with  Dealers of Rare Indian Shares ( Please Recheck this )



January 27, 2018

NCL Alltek and Seccolor Ltd.

When NCL Seccolor became sick it was merged with another profitable  Group Company ( Unlisted ) Alltek Coating Products Limited in 2004 to become NCL Alltek and Seccolor Ltd. 

For every 4 shares of NCL Seccolor  one share of NCL Alltek and Seccolor was allotted



It seems NCL Alltek and Seccolor is doing well. It has units at 11 locations

Official website
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NCL Alltek and Seccolor  shares have always been Unlisted.

It is , now , also in Demat . isin no INE243S01010


However , some shares ( allotted to share holders of amalgamating Listed Company NCL Seccolor  ) are available ( Please Recheck ) for Sale / Purchase with Dealers of Rare Indian Shares.


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