August 20, 2023

MIL Industries, Chennai- Q1-2024- Results

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August 13, 2017

MIL Ind 2015-16-Annual Report Y17 9 Months

OLD 2015-16 Annual Report

Financial Results for 9 months ending 31 December 2016

MIL Industries Limited is a leading company in India engaged in the manufacture of corrosion and abrasion resistant linings for Chemical, Fertilizer and other Process Industries, both in India and overseas.
Setup in collaboration with Societe Chimique de Gerland,France and Subsequent technical know-how from OHJI Rubber & Chemicals Co., Japan. India's largest and modern Rubber lining facility, MIL enjoys leadership position in the Rubber Lining field with a market share of around 40%. It has pioneered in India, the Cold Bond Rubber Lining Technique for large capacity storage tanks in-situ.
MIL also manufactures an extensive range of Plastic lined Pipes & Fittings, PTFE Expansion Joints, PTFE lined Dip Pipes, Spargers, Thermowells, Plain / Corrugated PTFE Hoses and so on. They have the latest technology from M/s. Fluorocarbon Company Ltd., UK and the processing facilities and technical capabilities are at par with the best available anywhere in the International market.
In addition, MIL also supplies Air Pollution Control Systems for dust and fumes removal and Solvent Recovery Systems based on Carbon Adsorption Technology.
MIL's well-equipped R&D Division is continuously making available to its clientele new / improved Rubber Compound formulations and Plastic Lining materials to cater to increasingly arduous operating conditions.



October 27, 2022

Free Shares of MIL Inds and Aerospace to Shareholders of MIL Inds

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MIL Industries Limited shareholders are allotted MIL Industries & Aerospace Limited shares in the ratio of 1:1 (For every 1 share held in MIL Industries Limited 1 share of MIL Industries and  Aerospace Limited is alloted) .

The above shares has been credited in demat account of shareholders on 19-09-2022.

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October 23, 2019

MIL Industries Annual Report 2018-19

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February 05, 2018

MIL Industries-Listed in Metropolitan

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February 07, 2022

MIL Industries-Q3 2022 Results

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