March 21, 2011

Anil Goel - Buying Bharat Nidhi ; PNB Finance -Selling Oswal Agro


PNB FIN @ 6100.


25000  OSWAL AGRO @ 55.

Contact :-

09896444123  .

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Satyakam Mishra said...

A BCCL insider has disclosed that BCCL promoters are planning to restructure shareholding in flagship company BCCL. As part of the restructuring, they plan to move stake held in privately-held companies to liability partnerships.

The move is significant since the LLP structure is being used for tax efficiencies as they don't have to pay dividend distribution tax if they decide to redistribute their earnings as dividends among partners.

Moreover, minimum alternate tax (MAT) on assets too does not apply, though the revised direct tax code (DTC) has corrected this concern. Finally, LLP helps reduce incidence of wealth tax in case of wealth distribution is undertaken.

I cannot comment on the veracity of claim but there are two aspects to it. First that IPO of BCCL is strongly on promoters agenda now. Secondly this restructuring can have negative impact on privately held holding companies since the BCCL shares will move from them company to newly formed LLPs. I hope that we have receive more news on this. I solicit any news from the investors if they have any.

Disclaimer: I have interest in Bharat Nidhi and Camac Comm.