March 22, 2011

Tanya ' s Selling List

For Sale

Aricent Technologies @ 150
Bangalore Stock Exchange @ 14
Bharat Hotel @ 180
Bharat Nidhi Ltd @ 12900
Bharti Telecom Ltd @ 4000
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE Ltd) @ 252
Cadbury India Ltd @ 2000
Essar Steel Ltd @ 51
Farm Enterprises Ltd @ 600
Future Venture @ 14
Gujarat NRE Mineral Resources @ 50
Jullundur Motor @ 180
MSTC Ltd @ 3800
Nandan Biomatrix Ltd @ 90
Oswal Agro mills Ltd @ 48
Otis Elevators Company Ltd @ 1100
Pilani Investment & Industries Corp. Ltd @ 1700
PNB Finance & Industries Ltd @ 7900
Ratnakar Bank @ 65
Shreno Ltd @ 3800
Sistema Shyam Tele Services Ltd @ 16
Tata Technologies @ 500
TCS E-Serve Ltd @ 3800

Subject to availability and final confirmation.

Tanya - 9871162597


Anonymous said...

I am buying and selling shares of MSTC at most reasonable rates. If you are interested quote your buying and selling rate ...

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Please give your phone number and name.

Anonymous said...

Hi, the moderator or owner of this site please pay attention or verify the rates fo the stocks provided by people who give long list because i personally called 2-3 people who regularly give stock list on your site but the rate they have written are fake rates as they say shares already sold or give higher rate while buying and lower rate while selling... Pls do it as its in larger interest of the investors

Don Quixote said...

All deals are subject to availability and final confirmation.

Sanjay said...

The moderator/ owner of this site cannot pay attention or verify the rates. Business has to be conducted with own risk.

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Sanjay , I concur