March 17, 2011

Niraj Kajaria - Buying / Selling List And Rates

Kajaria Securities & Finance

We are Buying Selling

Bharat Nidhi Ltd 8000
Cadbury India Ltd 1750 1950
Tcs E-serve Ltd 3600 3800
Hind Vidyut Products Ltd 1650 1750
Tata Technologies 400 525
Pnb Finance And Industries Ltd 6000
Philips India 200 280
Farm Enetrprises Ltd (Reliance). 470 500
Oswal Agro Mills Ltd 44 48
Bharat Hotels 165 175
Shri Nataraj Ceramics 165 185
Jullundur Motor 165 180
Catholic Syrian Bank 230 250
Nandan Biomatrix Ltd 75 90
Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE Ltd) 235 255
Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) 1500 1700
Bangalore Stock Exchange 10 12.75
Madras Stock Exchange 6 8
Delhi Stock Exchange (DSE Ltd) 27 30
Essar Steel Ltd 46 50
Ratnakar Bank 56 61
Bharti Tele 3600 3900
MSTC Ltd 3500 3900
Sistema Shyam Tele Services Ltd 12 13
Eastern Investments 6000 6500
Mohan Meakin Breweries Ltd 120 140
Frick India 750 850
Pilani Investments & Industries Ltd 1500 1700
Nath Combo 14
Future Venture India Ltd 13 13.75
Gujarat Nre Minerals Resources Ltd 40 50
Alembic Glass (Shreno) 3000 3500
Malanpur Steel 2 3
A B Corp Ltd (Amitabh Bacchan Corp Ltd) 40 60
Bolton Properties 10 20
Carrier Aircon 60 90
And many more delisted Pre Ipo shares for sale/purchase.
We are interested in purchasing Delisted /Pre Ipo Companies Shares in Big Lot/Quantity.
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9831077353, 9830022485, 9830012269,9433092689
033 32930043/0129 Fax : 033 24795170,,


Tanya said...

Quotes invited for selling - The most reasonable rates in country. Others claim, we deliver


If interested please contact 9871162597 - Tanya.Please dont bargain.

Don Quixote said...

People seem to have high stakes in Bharat Nidhi. Can someome throw light on what market cap will BCCL get assuming equity of 31 cr.

Pankaj said...

This person talks nothing less then big quantity. Terribly loudmouthed.

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Taking in to account also the market worth of its massive investment portfolio( including private treaties ) the market cap of Bennett Coleman And Co. may be between 2 lakh crore to 3 lakh crore

( We have a vested interest as we hold PNB Finance )

Don Quixote said...

This kind of forecasting seems to make astrology look respectable now.

Reliance with profit of 20000 cr and cash reserves of 40000 cr has market cap of 3.3 lac crore.

The private treaties business ( had incurred mark to market losses exceeding Rs1,500 crore, following the market crash of 2008 and I assume it hasnt recovered much since the stock held in private treaties like Pantaloon, JP Associates, Videocon, Jaiprakash Infratech are all running on losses.

Have interest in Nidhi, PNB and Camac and bullish on BCCL with caution.

Tandav said...

I think Mr Aggarwal is in a wishful no stretch of imagination, or financial analysis can BCCL have a value as he states. Even the owners of BCCL did not dream beyond 1,00,000 crore at the height of the bull run of 2008. Much has happened post that, including the purchase of Virgin Radio - dud investment, washout of the profits and notional losses on the Brand Capital (Private Treaties) portfolio, sale of substantial holding in HDFC Bank to pay off the debts. It is a great money making has great assets, great brands, great investments...but as i said not beyond 100,000 Cr in the most optimistic scenario.

Satyaman Mishra said...

Tandav - I can just stop admiring your name and your logic.