January 08, 2012

Delisted Shares -Comments

The rare shares resemble Indian team now

Compnaies last year Now

Essar 60 - 40
Bhart Hotel 190 -100
Pilani 2000 - 1400
BSE 320 - 160

the rare shares are nothing but duds. at times my heart is feeling this blog is one who is promoting this. the most useless stocks are discussed here. BNL and Ndhi are ones who are good. People are becming blind but none person is saying anythg. afterall bank is full why bothering unnecessarily.
daily people are uping the price as if this touching gold. well my good luck to those person. God will see them.

satyakam misjraji, so many times i am mailing you, but are note telling any information in nidhi and pnb. Please share your respected views. all are bulls here now. good luck to them. in old days my mother telling me gadariya ki kehani. saying that the wolf will be coming but no one beliving. one fine day wolf coming but people not believeing. moral of the story, respect trust.

thanks ashwaniji, please post my message. I am knowing my english is not so good but I am tryng.

Good luck. Jai Hind

Kalpraj Yadav

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