January 06, 2012

Selling Orbit Multimedia , Computer Power Shares

I would like to sell 500000 shares of Orbit Multimedia in demat.

Computer power 500 demate    sell

Contact : nemai.chatterjee123@gmail.com


Dristhi Goel said...

Wanted to sell in spot basis. Brokers excuse

PNB ( shares- 300) - 8,300
BNL(shares -172) - 11,300


To be contacted immediately

Subash said...

Dear Mr Ashwani,

Please put this on your reputed blog.

Selling Bharat Nidhi for the price of 11,700 and PNB for the price of 8700.

Mail with your numbers to subashgaikwad@rediffmail.com

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Dear Subash ,

Please give your Contact Number.


Subash said...

Dear Mr Agarwal, I have no issues with giving number just that, I dont want that to be online space.

Anonymous said...

I want to sell these shares in demate form:

Computer power 500
European software alliances Ltd. 500
Manoj Surgical Industries 505