January 20, 2012

Listed Long Term Investments ( For 5 Years + ) By Blog Writer

 Warning : Blog Writer is not competent to make recommendations. However , these are the listed shares in which investments have been made in children's names.

Long Term (  For Above 5 Years )

Forbes And Co.
Voith ( Earlier Porrit And Spenser)
Gokak Textile
Indian Card Clothing
Mafatlal Industries
Kesoram Industries
 LT Finance Holding
Lakshmi Electric
Automobile Corp of Goa
Bajaj Holding
Godrej Properties
United Phosporous
Cummins India
Suashish Diamond
Bharat Electronics
Indian Hotel

We make only Long Term Investments. We convert to Remat ( Physical ). However , we find Investors these days love short term to very short term investments. These are like Drive In of Fast Food Chains . Food tastes best when cooked slowly on low heat.
General Warning : Investments in Shares Can be Injurious to Your Wealth .It is a Risk Investment

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