July 02, 2017

1967- India Defeated China at Nathu La

God Bless Our Brave Soldiers then in 1967 and now , and always

India is taking the right steps in the current Chinese transgression at Nath La.
China talks about India's defeat in 1962. What China forgets is the massive Indian victory at Nathu la clashes in 1967.
1962 was basically a back stabbing by treacherous Chinese who were outwardly uttering : Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai "
In 1967 , at Nathula 400 Chinese troops were neutralized by the brave Indian army ( our 70 Jawans gained martyrdom ).
China got not an inch of Indian land


The Brave Tibetan Soldiers of India / Mighty Khampa Warriors( are with India , now)
( SFF -22 nd Est - Chakrata- and afterwards )
Sacrificing for the their adoptive Motherland
( Did their bit in Kargil operations too )

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