July 20, 2017

Future 3 Multibaggers-Moneycontrol Link

Finding value near Mount 10K? Top 3 stocks which can be multibaggers in 2-3 years

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June 24, 2017

Multibaggers of Next 2-3 Years- Moneycontrol Link

Top five stocks which could turn out to be multibaggers in next 2-3 years

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These 17 stocks will benefit the most from fall in crude prices



Share experts feel that the next set of Multibagger shares , especially Small Caps / Mid caps would be ELC s ( Exclusively Listed Companies ) like Frick India, Dalmia Refractories in Metropolitan Stock Exchange . Share Market expects Metropolitan Stock Exchange to commence soon ,trading in  Equities

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It appears ( PLEASE RECHECK THIS ) that in the Delisted Market Indofil share price has crossed Rs.1100 / share and that Frick India is not having sellers at Rs.3500 / Share.

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June 26, 2017

Spotting Future Multibaggers-12 Methods- Moneycontrol Link

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One Method mentioned in the above post is

Mispriced opportunities: Business is grossly undervalued due to investor ignorance 

A Hidden  Gem ?

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