July 26, 2017

Shares to Buy When Nifty at Record High- Moneycontrol Link


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Share experts feel that the next set of Multibagger shares , especially Small Caps / Mid caps would be ELC s ( Exclusively Listed Companies ) in Metropolitan Stock Exchange.

Transactions made with MSE registered Brokers would give clarity to Long Term Capital Gains Tax Exemption claimed by Investors.
Shares like Frick India, Dalmia Refractories can zoom once Metropolitan Stock Exchange ( earlier named MCX Stock Exchange ) ( where Frick India , Dalmia Refractories are Exclusively Listed starts trading in Shares.

There are more than 150 Exclusively Listed Shares ,mainly , in Metropolitan Stock Exchange small caps from erstwhile Regional Stock Exchanges . 

SEBI must ensure that proper trading takes in shares in Metropolitan Stock Exchange.

 Frick India 

Even at CMP of Rs. 5000 , Frick India gives a market capitalisation of only Rs.300 crores.

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