July 17, 2017

Will Metropolitan Stock Exchange Eventually Merge With MCX ?? Please Recheck

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August 16, 2017

2016-17-Annual Report -Metropolitan Stock Exchange

Annual Report -2016-17



AGM on 14/09/2017- Mumbai


Request to Investors

Please attend in large numbers / send letters to Metropolitan Stock Exchange demanding immediate trading in shares listed in this Exchange

Please read Page 41 of the Annual Report. There are 192 companies which are Exclusively Listed in Metropolitan Stock Exchange. Trading must begin in these immediately.

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Please read the following Post in Economic Times dt. 17/07/2017 :-


Economic Times states :-

(1 ) There would , soon , be unified , common, one Licence for Share Brokers and Commodity Brokers.

( 2 ) The move is a precursor to a unified market licence for trading in any financial instrument market, where an equity exchange like NSE or BSE will be able to offer a platform for trading commodity futures and a commodity exchange like MCX or NCDEX will be able to offer equities trading. 

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MCX which is a Commodity Exchange would then, also , become a Stock Exchange.

Metropolitan Stock Exchange was promoted by MCX and ,even today , MCX is the biggest shareholder of Metropolitan Stock Exchange , holding around 15% of its Equity.

There is a discussion in Share Markets over the possibility of Metropolitan Stock Exchange and MCX becoming one.

Then registered brokers of MCX would , simultaneously ,  deal with Metropolitan Stock Exchange listed shares.


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Please Make No Investment based on Above Stated  Facts and conjectures which are meant for only Discussion and analysis.


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