July 05, 2017

Metropolitan Stock Exchange-Good News ??


July 12, 2017

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MSEI postpones decision to extend trading hours

MSEI postpones its decision to extend trading hours to 5pm, says a circular mentioning the revised date of implementation will be issued separately


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The Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (MSEI) will extend the trading hours in equity segment till 5 pm from July 7.
Presently, the trading commences on the exchange at 9.15 am and closes at 3.30 pm.
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June 20, 2017

Metropolitan Stock Exchange - Gears Up

Metropolitan Stock Exchange ( MSE ) seems to have come in to action.

MSE gave full page ad in today's ( 20/06/17 ) Economic Times.

MSE is inviting applications for Memberships 

Contact : 

Tel ; 022-6112-9010

email ; customerservice@msel.in

Website :www.msel.in


Ad , also  states :-

It's Wiser  to Trade on MSE in


Equity F and O,

Currency Derivatives, 

Interest Rate Derivatives 


Is it beginning of Achhey Din for Metropolitan Stock Exchange and its ELC ( Exclusively Listed Companies ) like Frick India , Dalmia Refractories ,



Metropolitan Stock Exchange's share is presently Unlisted

For more on Metropolitan Stock Exchange , please click the links :-




 It appears some shares of Metropolitan Stock 

Exchange are available for Sale / Purchase with Share Dealers of Unlisted Shares / Rare Indian shares ( 
Please Recheck )

 Price of Re. 1 Paid Up share may be around Re 1 / 25 p ( Recheck Please )


Share experts feel that the next set of Multibagger shares , especially Small Caps / Mid caps would be ELC s ( Exclusively Listed Companies ) in Metropolitan Stock Exchange

Transactions made with MSE registered Brokers would give clarity to Long Term Capital Gains Tax Exemption claimed by Investors.

Shares like Frick India, Dalmia Refractories can zoom once Metropolitan Stock Exchange ( earlier named MCX Stock Exchange ) ( where Frick India , Dalmia Refractories are Exclusively Listed  starts trading in Shares.

For more on Frick India,

Dalmia Refractories

 It appears some shares of Frick India , Dalmia Refractories are available for Sale / Purchase with Share Dealers of Unlisted Shares / Rare Indian shares ( Please Recheck )



General Warning : Investment in shares can be injurious to your WEALTH.

Caution  / Important Disclosure :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in Frick India, Dalmia Refractores so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism 

( PS : All information given in good faith. Please recheck all facts etc. No responsibility with this author / blog. )


Anonymous said...

I am looking for buying this stock upto 2.5 rs per share require 30000 share in demat only interested person send me email saunlanc.in@gmail.com

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Do Not Punish Investors

Trading should not stop. ( 331 Companies to Trade only once a month -i.e. First Monday of each Month ).

This means punishing the hapless Investors who have no role in running the affairs of the Company.

SEBI / Govt, should first solve the issue of Non Trading of Shares which were earlier Exclusively Listed in , now closed , Regional Stock Exchanges.

Then there is issue of Metropolitan Stock Exchange.

Many small cap gems like Frick India are listed exclusively in Metropolitan Stock Exchange. No share trading is taking place in Metropolitan Stock Exchange causing immense problem to the Investors.

SEBI must ensure regular trading in Metropolitan Stock Exchange and help small Investors.