July 16, 2011

Frick India Full Year 2010-11 Results


Sales Rs. 128 cr ( Previous Year - 93 cr )

Gross Profit Rs. 13.71 cr ( Rs. 11.56 cr )

Net Profit : Rs. 9 cr ( Rs. 8.50 cr )

EPS Rs. 150 . 37 ( Rs. 142.61 ).

Capital Rs. 60 lakh ( Rs. 10 paid )

Promoters ' Holding 63.75 %.

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Frick India Excellent 2011-12 Results EPS Rs. 174

Sales : 157 cr

Gross Profit :15 cr 28 Lakh

Net Profit : 10 cr 42 lakh

EPS Rs .174

Share Capital Rs. 60 Lakh
Face Value Rs. 10 ( Total Shares 6 Lakh )

Percentage of Promoter Holding : Around 64 %

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Anonymous said...

BHARAT NIDHI LTD; The immense hidden value of holdings in Bennett may not be unlocked is the view of some. The reasons are :1 The attitude of the management of not sharing value with other minor shareholders since last several decades. 2 The possibility of forming limited liability partnerships now permitted under the laws may be used not to pass the benefit of Bccl holdings to minority shareholders of Bharat Nidhi 3 Being a litle known holding company which is not traded in stock exchange at all,and with low floats, it may not reflect even the discounted market valuations given in the market even to reputed Holding companies like Tata Investments, Ubholdings, etc etc. Perhaps that is why interest in Bharat Nidhi appears to be on the decline as waiting period may be too long and there are far more attractive alternative investment opportunities in the market with comparatively lesser uncertainties and far higher liquidity.