July 31, 2011

Transfer of Demat Shares - Advice Wanted

Hi Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal,

Can you advise on what things to check before buying delisted/unlisted shares in terms of having the ownership transferred ?

1) If I buy demat shares and they got credited to my DP account, do I need to take any additional steps like informing the registrars etc or
any new dividends/bonuses will automatically credited to my DP account?
2) If I buy physical shares, and if I dont inform the registrar, what will happen to future corporate actions ?Will they be sent to the seller who sold the shares to me and
will he be still having a right on them?

Also, please advise if any other things are to be checked.



There is no difference in the transfer procedure of Delisted or Listed Shares.

Once transferred all further benefits would accrue to the transferee automatically.

For Physical Shares , Please check :-

That if there is a bad delivery ( mainly because of Transferor's signature difference  . it should be in a position to be rectified quickly.

In case of Physical Delisted shares kindly get the correct address of the Company / RTA

The Delisted Company should not have become non functional.


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